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You might already know how much we love doing mini-shoots at our BIBS events, but you might only just be discovering how much we love being able to spend a bit more time working with you to help you catch those special occasion 'wow' moments.

We are open to all kinds of collaborations so if you have an idea for one.

Please do get in touch :)

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Our Services


Corporate events

Take BIBS Out on Location to boost your event to the next level.


Leverage the BIBS Effect to

  • attract more visitors to your venue

  • engage more with your product after the event

  • talk about their visit for longer

  • increase tags, follows and social media engagement

What's included?

  • We'll create a professional (yet authentic)  bespoke photoset with custom props to match your event and branding.

  • mini-photoshoots for your guests (roughly 30 in a day) 

  • Photo opportunities for passerbys

  • andid moments in and around our location


You'll receive digital rights for your promotional material, as well as promotion on our social media. Price: £2,500.00

Get in touch

Hey there! We'd love to hear from you to get a sense of what you need. Please take a moment to fill out our contact form—it's super easy, we promise! There's absolutely no pressure or obligation. It's just a way for us to understand your requirements better and see how we can help. 

Thanks for submitting!

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