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Relax with BIBS

Welcome to BIBS

 BIBS was started by a mum and friends  (we all have babies under 1!) as we felt it was time there was a place to go where little babies would have opportunities to play and learn, but also where mums and dads could take care of themselves too.

At BIBS we have tried to think of everything we would want - unrushed opportunities to meet like-minded parents, beautiful baby-friendly toys, a nice clean place to put our baby down (if they will let us!), a kind helping hand as needed and good quality food options served to a soft sofa.


Just in case that wasn't enough... because we know how special your baby's first year is (but also how fast time flies) we have combined the baby socialising with photography by creating an exciting and delightful scene for you to take photos of your little one!

And a few extras... spare nappies and wet wipes as needed, A place where we can come looking our best or half-asleep in whatever clothes we could find. No judgement here.

We love what we do

Parents Recommend

Julia S.

“Closest thing to a break I've had in ages, I managed to eat some food knowing my baby was safe and having fun too"


"Was such a lovely event! I enjoyed the shoot and can’t believe how great the pictures turned out thank you!"

Anita B.

"They are a nice change to baby groups - fun theme and the photo opportunity is great as not always able to take photos when you’re out with the baby."

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We love what we do

Parents Recommend


"Good atmosphere and lovely people, I really enjoyed"


"I thought the event was lovely and I met some lovely ladies there, I loved your photo area and you both are lovely women! The concept is great and love that you're not rushed etc"


"Thank you, we can't wait to come again!"

We love what we do

Parents Recommend


"The relaxed informal environment and space as well as the people and freedom to break out and change/feed"


"Good variety of toys for the little ones, relaxed atmosphere, nice to have a theme and photoshoot is a really fun element"


"Great venue with well organised areas for photoshoot and nappy change (and delicious food!)"

We love what we do

Parents Recommend


"The baby photoshoot, the props & backdrop. Also the organisers are very friendly. I liked the use of the name badges & the venue was good - eg. Accessibility, food options, staff coming to get orders from your seat."


"I liked that we could order adult food and drink. I liked the props and set up for photos. Enjoyed the singing and the theme."


"Good atmosphere and lovely people, I really enjoyed"

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